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How One Webinar Made Kim Constable $1M in 15 Months

Do you want to learn how to make money while you sleep?

While it sounds cliche, thanks to endless social media posts of laptops on the beach, it’s entirely possible.

Yes, you can actually live the laptop lifestyle.

Is it easy? No.

Is it overnight? No.

Is it possible? Yes!

EasyWebinar helps you achieve that Laptop Lifestyle you dreamed.
Having that dream Laptop Life is only a few steps away with EasyWebinar.

Recently I got to interview someone who is using Easy Webinar to do just that. Her name is Kim Constable and she is known online as the Sculpted Vegan.

With her digital products and webinars, she’s been able to generate over $1 M in 15 short months. Keep reading to learn more about Kim and how you can do it too.

Who Is Kim Constable?

Kim Constable uses EasyWebinar to help run her business.
Kim Constable has found a way to use EasyWebinar to make running her business a snap.

Kim Constable is a former yoga teacher turned bodybuilder and also a mom of four who lives in Ireland. After selling her old business, she wanted to start something new so she could spend time with her family. She wanted to help other women to build online businesses.

For years, literally years, she studied a lot about online marketing. She said that she invested in tons of courses, digital products, and eBooks to learn as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

While her business wasn’t making much profit, she was learning a ton. Eventually, in her personal life, she went to find a course to help her learn about bodybuilding as a Vegan. She quickly realized there wasn’t anything out there and decided to take advantage of the opportunity.

Almost instantly, she started the Sculpted Vegan. A few short years later, her business is booming and regularly doing 200-300 K per month! In fact, she has a funnel that has done over $1 M in revenue in 15 months. She is literally making money while she sleeps.

Learn more about Kim and how she was able to grow her email list to 120,000 and launch her million dollar funnel with her best tips below.

Kim’s Webinar Success Tips

Here are some of the biggest takeaways from my interview with Kim. Whether you’re a new webinar user or a veteran, I’m confident these tips can help you increase registration rates, grow your list, and close more deals.

1. Make Your Registration Page Useful

Have your registration page make a difference.
Always be sure to have your registration page live up to its full potential.

Kim quickly realized how important her webinar registration page was after getting tons of questions from people. As her webinar was all about fitness, people who weren’t familiar with webinars thought they were supposed to attend a live event and bring workout gear.

She implemented that feedback and made it very clear what the automated webinar is about. Kim uses a few bullet points to clarify what the webinar is about and make sure to not mislead people by saying it’s a live session. Her registration page uses words like “Limited time only” and “Secure your spot” to create urgency and get people to register.

Once registered, her page makes it easy for people to add the event to Gcal, iCal plus the automated followup email.

2. Customize Follow Up Sequences

Your follow ups bring your clients back again and again.
Perfectly planned follow ups are so important to continued success.

Kim is extremely diligent when it comes to her follow up sequences. Thanks to Infusionsoft and Easy Webinar, she can segment webinar attendees into different buckets. This allows her to send customized follow-up for each group and increase conversions.

She has her segments broken up by:

  • registrants who didn’t attend the event
  • attendees who watched less than 10%
  • attendees who watched less than 50%
  • attendees who watched at least 50%
  • attendees who watched 50% or more

She said that by having her list segmented this much, she can send better follow-ups for each group and also retarget with the right Facebook ads. If this seems overwhelming, don’t be intimidated as Kim said she still got over $100,000 in sales each month before doing this segmentation. But by doing so it allows for even better marketing to each group of clients.

3. Delay Automated Webinars

Give your customers time to sign up with delayed webinars.
Make good use of your time by delaying the release of your webinars.

One common trend among the elite 1% of Easy Webinar users is how effectively they use an automated evergreen webinar funnel. Kim is no different as her Easy Webinar funnel helps her live the dream and make money while she sleeps.

But one thing she recommended other webinar users to do is to run automated webinars the following day instead of the day they see the registration page. This allows her team to send out an automated welcome sequence before they get into the webinar. The onboarding sequence is meant to build rapport and credibility before people get into the webinar.

She also recommends that for cold traffic coming from Facebook ads to always schedule the webinar 24 hours out. If you have warm traffic that is already familiar with you, then you can have then signed up for same day webinars with a different registration page.

4. Utilize Social Media for Webinar Sign Ups

Social media can help you maximize sign ups.
Use social media to your advantage to maximize your sign ups.

Another crazy part of the interview was when Kim said that in 18 months she grew her Instagram from 1K to 134K followers. This has been another great way to grow new followers to her automated webinar.

She has her Instagram profile optimized so new users instantly can know, like, and trust her. Plus, she has a webinar link in her bio and adds a call to action in each of her posts.

At the bottom of each caption, she includes a clear CTA to help users enroll in a webinar or learn more about her digital products.

5. Find Your Zone of Genius

Design your life with efficiency in mind.
Your life and schedule are yours to design with efficiency in mind.

If you listen to the full interview with Kim, you can tell how important it is for her to spend time with family. Her business growth has allowed her to travel, spend time with them, and outsource tasks in her life and business.

She no longer does housework or content creation, she only spends time in her zone of genius. For Kim, that means creating more digital products.

She has built a team of 10 people now that help her manage the campaigns, copy writing, and the actual course creation. Kim gets to spend her time thinking about ideas and making them come to life.

Thanks to finding her zone of genius, she recently decided to launch a $49 eBook even though most of her products range from $297 – $997. The product ended up generating $250,000 thanks to her huge email list.

That’s a ton of sales from such a low priced item! But since she’s working in her zone of genius, she’s been able to scale and spend time on stuff that gets her excited.

Wrapping Up

Webinars give you both simplicity and productivity!
Simplicity, productivity, and assigning priority are each important to stress free life.

As you can tell, Kim’s story is nothing short of amazing and hopefully shows the power of online marketing and webinars. She now has tons of different courses and eBooks that range from $49 to $997. With different pricing options, she is able to serve her audience and scale her business.

My biggest takeaways were to create your automated webinar and find your zone of genius.

If you can get a funnel, Facebook ads, and an automated webinar running together on autopilot, your life will get much simpler. With the extra revenue, you can outsource things you don’t like to do (i.e. copy writing, content) and spend time on stuff that excites you and moves the needle.

Don’t forget, if you go to look for a course but can’t find it online, why not create it!? You never know, it might just change your life!


Watch the entire interview below: 

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