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How to Massively Scale Your Brand With Webinars: Greg Hickman Success Story

Do you want to learn how to create a great webinar from marketing to complete email sequences?

If you’re just getting started, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Luckily, I have a very successful client, Greg Hickman, here to discuss how he uses webinars to massively scale his business.

Who is Greg Hickman?

Greg founded his own business in 2015 and runs I love his company’s slogan, “How to simplify your service business and go from 15 hours days to 5 hour days.”

His vision with is to help client businesses scale using marketing, automation, systems, people and process. His primary focus is on helping people.

Since then, he’s worked with many entrepreneurs, helping them improve their internal processes, gain time back in their day and scale their businesses.

5 Ways to Grow Your Brand With Webinars

As Greg has set up thousands of online funnels, he’s an expert with webinars. Here are some of his best tips to help you in your business.

1. Stick to a Freebie

When it comes to running cold traffic to a Facebook ad, you have a few options. You can either run it to a webinar registration page directly or to a free resource (checklist, video, ebook, etc). Greg recommends getting people to download a free resource instead of the registration page. This is a much smaller commitment than attending a 60-90 minute webinar.

Once they download the free resource, he recommends telling a story about how to use the product. Tell them how to use the download to get value.

This is usually done in a 3-5 email sequence over the course of 3-5 days. The natural evolution at the end of the email series is the free workshop.

He’s found that leads are more qualified and the attendance rate is much higher than cold traffic going straight to a registration page.

2. Retarget With Facebook Ads

His second strategy is all about increasing your attendance rates. He recommends that you retarget all people who have registered to get a reminder the day of the webinar.

Greg has found these Facebook ads will increase show-up rates by 10-20%!

You can do this by creating a custom audience with registrants contact information and a reminder ad to show up to the webinar. Use “Plus-This” marketplace add-on to Infusionsoft to auto-update the custom audience. This works best with live webinars as opposed to automated webinars.

3. Emphasize Expiring Bonus Offers

If you’re a part of Elite Webinar Mastery, you know how much I talk about the importance of expiring bonus offers. Even if you’re doing an automated webinar, this is crucial to help create urgency with your audience. You need to go give them an incentive to take action, otherwise, they most likely won’t.

The problem is the believability factor that the webinar is live. Your email follows up needs to be heavily focused on the bonus that is going away. By having your email sequence all about urgency, it makes it feel like the whole offer is going away.

This doesn’t have to be overly difficult either. You can emphasize fast action bonuses to expire by changing the URL of the registration page.

Remember, scarcity makes people take action to buy your product.

4. What to Do With Non-Buyers

What are you doing with your non-buyers?

A majority of people who register don’t actually purchase. Greg found that most entrepreneurs do two things; do nothing with those leads or put them into a regular weekly broadcast.

He hates both of those ideas. Instead, he recommends creating a conversation with them first.  

Do not go random on them and start a new conversation about other products or services. This can derail their intent and make them lose interest in your original product or service.

Remember, sometimes people just need more time or convincing to get them to become a client. Possibly they are only a few emails away from a close. You need to become a master on follow up.

He recommends to send out 1 -2 emails for the next 6 weeks. This will keep the conversation about the topic at hand. Begin with education and give them the opportunity to watch the webinar again or make the purchase.

Lastly, make sure to give them more testimonials to close the deal. Then put them into a regular cycle of emails if they haven’t bought. Make sure to never just drop them entirely.  

5. Use Do Not Disturb Tagging

The last thing to do is to add a use a “Do not disturb” tagging system until you’ve completely failed at converting them. This allows you to keep to the conversation at hand. The “Do-Not-Disturb” tag keeps them from your random campaigns or broadcasts that can derail the sale.

As he said, “Never interrupt contacts in your webinar sequence with other emails. This can derail the buying process.”  

Next Steps

Now that you’ve learned some of Greg’s secrets, I recommend going back in your webinar funnel and evaluate what you’re doing with people don’t purchase.

Changing this one strategy alone can get you way more sales from non-buyers and drastically increase your revenue.

To learn more of these tips, make sure to check out Elite Webinar Mastery. I share these types of secrets and a lot more to help you automate and scale your business using the power of webinars.


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