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Great support & a great product!

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It’s easy to use and they’ve recently launched a v2 of the product that makes it even more intuitive.

-G2 Reviewer

Tailored pricing for your usage


No Credit Card required &
No software to install
Available for 10 attendees


  • Up to 25 leads
  • Up to 30 minutes/webinar
  • 1 active automated webinar
  • 1 live webinar session



Per Host
Billed Monthly


Per Host
Billed Monthly
500 leads + up to 100 live attendees
* Overages may apply.


  • Up to 4 hours/webinar
  • 3 active automated webinarsinfo
  • Unlimited live webinar sessions
  • Standard supportinfo
  • Up to 4 co-hosts
  • Embeddable registration
  • Custom registration fields
  • Selected subscription add-ons

Pro most popular


Per Host
Billed Monthly


Per Host
Billed Monthly
2000 leads + up to 500 live attendees
* Overages may apply.

All Standard Features Plus

  • Up to 8 hours/webinar
  • 10 active simulated live webinars info
  • Evergreen webinarsinfo
  • Just-In-Time webinarsinfo
  • Dedicated supportinfo
  • Adaptability in the number of co-hostsinfo
  • Instant On-Demand (VSL events)info
  • Access to EW learninginfo
  • Custom UTM codesinfo
  • Custom integrationsinfo
  • White labeling (add-on)info
  • C-Name (add-on)info
  • One-Time-Setup (add-on)info
  • Multiple subscription


Get a custom quote
Unlimited leads + more than 500 live attendees
* Overages may apply.

All Pro Features Plus

  • Up to 12 hours/webinar
  • 10+ active simulated live/evergreen webinars info
  • Dedicated support & SLA info
  • Dedicated account managerinfo
  • Up to 6 co-hosts
  • Personalized page builder info
  • Premium landing page templates info
  • Live event monitoring info
  • 1-on-1 Onboarding + training
  • Enterprise & Custom Integrations info
  • White label emails info
  • Access to API info
  • White label URLs and pages
  • Webinar marketing services
  • Done-For-You services
  • Free One-Time setup

Our users consistently achieve over 50% registrant-to-attendee ratio, surpassing industry standards. EasyWebinar scales your reach by providing leads exceeding three times the number of live attendees allowed in a webinar. For simulated live and evergreen webinars, you can have an equal number of attendees as the number of leads permitted.

What is considered a lead?

Leads are total contacts/registrations you can generate in a month.

Why Our Users Love Us?

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    “With EasyWebinar you understand the people you're serving - which means you're thinking of the things they need. It's not just flashy software, it's what is important and what is vital for someone to grow their business."

    Amy Porterfield

    Jessica Catorc


  • star star star star star

    “I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”

    Amy Porterfield

    Amy Porterfield

    Online Marketing Expert

  • star star star star star

    “We made 2 million dollars using EasyWebinar. We created one webinar, one time, and ran it for 3 years. We went from needing 6 sales reps to only 1 'order taker' using EasyWebinar as the sales engine."

    jessica catorc

    Ryan Fenn

    CEO & Founder of Chiirp

  • star star star star star

    “The name is completely self-explanatory. Easiest integrations, best customer service, and EASY to use."

    jessica catorc

    Susie Moore


  • star star star star star

    “$750K in Revenue with EasyWebinar... We use EasyWebinar in an evergreen funnel where we run Facebook ad traffic to a free masterclass, with the option to purchase at the end of the training. There have been zero issues so far and this masterclass has generated more than $750K in revenue in the past 18 months.”

    Kim Constable

    Kim Constable

    Vegan bodybuilder

  • star star star star star

    "With EasyWebinar I'm able to bring a visual experience to my school/courses. I offer trainings, coaching, and I sell through the power of webinars. I've made over $50k in sales using EasyWebinar as my method of promotion."

    jessica catorc

    Jennell B. Stewart

    Business Coach

2 Months Free

Subscription add-ons

(add-ons can be enabled after you sign up)

Webinar Setup

With just one-time setup, gain access to a world of interactive webinars and virtual conferences. Simply subscribe and let EasyWebinar handle the rest - from customizable registration pages to automated reminders and post-event analytics.

Starts from


Additional leads and live attendees

An additional 1000 leads per month, along with 100 more live webinar attendees.

What happens if I exceed my lead limit set by my purchased plan?


($780 billed annually)

Additional co-hosts

Empower your team by adding them as co-hosts/presenters, enhancing management capabilities during webinars using your main account features.


($700 billed annually)


Enhance your capabilities at a lower cost with this exclusive add-on. Instead of adding a co-host, opt for another account seamlessly linked to your main one, offering the same number of leads/month and live attendees at a 30% discount.

30% (discount per account)


Personalize your webinar experience with a custom domain that reflects your brand's identity.


($490 billed annually)

Hubspot/Pardot integration

Effortlessly manage and update contacts in HubSpot/Pardot with interaction responses, behavioral data, and more by seamlessly integrating with your webinars' sign-ups and attendance.


($990 billed annually)

White labeling

Customize your brand presence by removing 'Powered by EasyWebinar' from registration pages, notification emails, and the webinar room for a fully tailored experience.


($990 billed annually)

Try EasyWebinar for free

Only few minutes away from your most engaging webinar!

  • done No credit card required
  • done No software to be installed
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Full Feature Breakdown

Choose exactly what you need.

Compare features and benefits across plans. Need assistance in choosing the best fit? We’re here to help.

  • Live & Automated
  • Live Session
  • Scheduling
  • Page Building and Customization
  • Analytics and Data
  • Security
  • Email and Notifications
  • Support and Training
  • List of features included in all packages
    • done Live chat
    • done Basic scheduling
    • done Landing pages & forms
    • done Email notifications
    • done High definition, no-latency streaming
    • done Presentation uploader (PPT & PDF) for live webinars using our live engine
    • done Live real time chat [Both public or private]
    • done Webinar reminder emails for both before and after webinar
    • done Automated/Evergreen webinar funnel pages
    • done Advanced evergreen schedule stacking from the registration page [Replay + Future sessions]
    • done Detailed webinar analytics and data export tool
    • done One click event link sign up technology
    • done Webinar registration widget to place anywhere
    • done Social share incentive on thank you page
    • done Email segmentation
    • done Page builder
    • done EasyCast
    • done Hybrid webinars
    • done Browser based viewing (no plugins to install)
    • done Change and use in any language
    • done Webcam and desktop sharing
    • done Real time offers, customizable buttons with scarcity timers
    • done We host everything-registration, event, thank-you,replay pages
    • done Turn your live events into Evergreen Webinar Funnels
    • done Evergreen and specific date expiring replay pages. (The key to increased profits)
    • done Autoresponder & CRM API integration [Nothing held back]
    • done Easy event cloning
    • done Build in scarcity and delayed timed offers
  • settings_input_component Integrations
    Standard Pro Enterprise
    zapier-icon done done done
    icontact-icon done done done
    constant-contact.png done done done
    aweber-icon done done done
    mailchimp-icon done done done
    sendgrid-icon done done done
    convertkit-icon done done done
    keap-icon done done done
    ontraport-icon done done done
    activecampaign-icon done done done
    drip-icon done done done
    getresponse-icon done done done
    gohighlevel-icon done done done
    influencersoft-icon done done done
    hubspot-icon remove done done
    sales-pardot-icon remove done done
  • Compare Our Plans
    Basic Buy now Buy now Standard Buy Now Buy Now Pro Buy Now Buy Now Enterprise Book a Call
    Video features        
    Auto recording and archiving done done done done
    Insert videos in live webinars done done done done
    Marketing tools        
    Social sharing done done done done
    Add to calendar done done done done
    Send unlimited emails done done done done
    Stats & analytics done done done done
    Webinar features        
    Upload presentation slides done done done done
    Share screen done done done done
    Chat with private messaging done done done done
    Polls done done done done
    Offers done done done done
    Handouts done done done done
    Training and support        
    Live chat & email support done done done done
    Elite webinar mastery class done done done done
    Helpful support tutorials done done done done
    Live office hours done done done done
    Dedicated support managers close done done done
    Power up features        
    Adv email segmentation close close done done
    Adv scheduling close close done done
    Adv automated webinars close close done done

Find answers to frequently asked questions here

  • 01 What is considered a lead?

    Number of total contacts/registrations you can generate in a month.

  • 02 How can I increase the number of leads/registrations per month?

    With a subscription to the Pro plan, you can add 1000 leads per month for $78, and with a subscription to the Standard plan, you can add 1000 leads per month for $99.

  • 03 What is considered an 'active webinar'?

    An "active webinar" refers to a published webinar. Drafts of webinars do not count against your subscription.

    A single active webinar can have numerous attendees across many recurring sessions. For instance, our on-demand sales demo sees hundreds of attendees each month, with multiple daily sessions, but it is considered as just one active webinar.

  • 04 What happens if I hit my monthly registrant limit?

    Each plan has a monthly leads limit (refer to the limits above).

    If you reach this limit, new webinar sign-ups will be temporarily unavailable until the start of the next monthly cycle when your registrant limit resets. We will notify you in advance, and you can increase your limit as per the pricing details mentioned above.

  • 05 What kind of events can I do with EasyWebinar?

    You can do live webinars, automated webinars, summits, hybrid events, encore events, create simple replay pages and more. EasyWebinar creates the registration page, thank you page, the email follow-up, social share feature, event page, the event replay & more.

  • 06 To Run an automated Webinar, what kind of video hosting do I need?

    Actually, you don't need any video hosting! Both our Live Engine and YouTube Live integrations give you the ability to repurpose those live events into automated webinars or, simply add in a YouTube, Vimeo, or Amazon S3 video as your automated webinar and watch it work seamlessly!

  • 07 Do I need to install any software on my computer?

    No, there's no need to install software on your computer. You can start building a webinar in 10 seconds after signing up to EasyWebinar. You would create your app name and then all of your webinars will be built from there.

  • 08 How do I contact support?

    For EasyWebinar support, email or use the live chat option, available 24*7.

  • 09Can I cancel my subscription any time?

    Absolutely! You're free to cancel your EasyWebinar subscription whenever you please. Keep in mind, though, we don't do refunds on subscriptions. But hey, why not take advantage of our free trial first? Test out our app, see if it floats your boat, and then make your decision. No strings attached!

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