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  •  Get up to 40% recurring commission on all transactions.
  • ​10% recurring commission for second tier referrals.
  • ​​​Monthly bonus to our top performers.
  • Resource centre for Marketing Tools.
  • ​Access to First Promoter Dashboard.
  • ​1:1 Affiliate Support.

How this commission model works?

Standard commission is 30% for the life of any customer you refer.
If you make at least one trial within 30 days of signing up, your commission rate gets increased to 40% indefinitely.

How to Get started?

   Sign up

To join our program, interested individuals need to sign up and provide all the relevant details in the affiliate application. You will receive a notification once your application has been approved.


Start Promoting your custom link with the support of exclusive offers and a library of marketing materials.


Earn up to 40% recurring commission for every sale and a 10% commission for Tier-2 referrals. Track all your success on a live dashboard and increase your earnings with 1:1 support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is “email ownership”?

Any lead or customer you refer will have their email address assigned to you. This means that even if they delete cookies, you will continue to receive commissions generated by that email address.

What happens with "paying customers"?

As soon as a visitor you refer makes a payment, they become permanently associated with you. You will own the email and receive a commission on every single transaction associated with that email address.

What happens if I refer a trial?

Trials function similarly to leads and appear in the "Leads / Trials" column in your dashboard. However, if a trial doesn't convert into a paying customer within a year, you would lose ownership of the associated email.
Nonetheless, it is worth noting that a significant percentage of trials do become paying customers, and we have many customers who have remained with us for years.

What happens if I refer a lead?

We have lead offers (opt ins), in particular the "24/7 Webinar". As soon as a visitor you refer signs up, that email gets assigned to you. You own that email address for one year. No other affiliate can take ownership of that email during that year.
 If your lead becomes a paying customer within that year, you will permanently own the email address and all transactions associated with it, without any cut-off period.

How long do cookies last for?

Visitor Cookies are tracked for one year.

Who gets the referral?

The last affiliate to refer a visitor before they convert gets the referral.

How much is commission?

Up to 40% of every transaction from a customer you refer,
with no cut off period.
And 10% of all revenue generated by affiliates you refer to us.  No cut off period here either.

When do you pay?

45 days after month end. So commissions generated during January would be paid the middle of March.

How and when do you pay?

Currently, we only support PayPal as our payment method. If you haven't already done so, please add your PayPal email to your account. Commissions are paid out 45 days after the end of each month.
For example, commissions earned during April would be paid out in mid-June. We have a long-standing history of paying affiliates every month for many years.

How can I get further help?

If you have any further questions, need clarification, or require any assistance, please feel free to get in touch with us at partners@easywebinar.com
We strive to respond to inquiries within one business day (Monday to Friday), although there may be occasional instances where it takes slightly longer.