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Easy Webinar Has Many Great Features. Let’s Look At A Few

Yes, You can use it for either our YouTube live integration or our Live Engine. We also go beyond that and give you the ability to just have a question box on the live page or use your own third-party chat such as chatwing or chatroll. Not to mention that you can add in Facebook comments or Twitter chat as well.
Yes, 100%. We have a webinar dashboard where you can experience everything but with subtle tweaks from what the audience sees. Your admin view gives way more capabilities such as pushing live offers, chatting, turning attendees into presenters, etc.
Yes, we call them ‘Right on time’ webinars. You can have a webinar start in the next 15, 30, 1hr interval based on when someone comes to the page. You have all three options!
No, not from the automated webinar. From the replay page, yes. But the automated webinar, even if you have a YouTube video link in there, they can’t click back or pause when watching on a desktop.
Yes, 100%. We have a registration widget that you can add anywhere. They can be automated webinars or live webinars. And the widget looks great! You can learn more about how that works here.
We give you the best of both worlds. You can choose either one. With our registration widget, you can select to place your own thank you page link in there. When using our built-in registration page we do suggest using our thank you page because of the continuity and the fact that our thank you pages have all of the things you want in your webinar. Our thank you page experience offers participants to save the date. We’ve added a social share feature that often returns an additional 10-15% boost in viral traffic to the webinar. Our customers who use our own portal find that the experience is what allows them to actually earn big money on their webinars and evergreen webinar funnels.
Yes. We have an SEO section where you can add any third party pixel on any of our pages. Even tools like GetMoreProof not to mention, Facebook pixels, Google Analytics and more.
We host everything and as such, we have attendee limits for our live stream hosting. To host large-scale webinars, the pages, the email reminders and everything requires bandwidth. That is why we have a recurring cost to the platform.
Yes, with our system you can toggle any webinar from live to automated. YouTube Live or our live engine can be used for automated webinars. Our live engine has a “sessions” section we are updating within days of this blog being published. This will allow you to download the video that was recorded live and push it into an automated webinar.
With EasyWebinar, we have a full built-in email system. Our emails cover everything needed for before and after the event. And in fact, because our system streams as automated evergreen webinars in multiple time zones, we suggest using our ‘before event’ notifications in all scenarios, especially if you are running evergreen webinars. We wanted to make EasyWebinar a solution that wouldn’t require any outside tool to not only collect more leads but make serious sales, and we’ve accomplished that with everything built into our system. Now that said, EasyWebinar has amazing email integrations with all of the major email providers out there. To where you can get everyone who registers to your webinar not only into your email provider but also creates triggers and tags based on actions performed during the webinar which can, in turn, allow you to send out segmented emails based on those actions. Because of this we have a lot of people who will use EasyWebinar for the emails to go out before the webinar and then use their own email provider for the ‘Post Event’ emails to where they also send out segmented follow-ups to, as an example, those who ‘registered and showed’ vs those who ‘registered but didn’t attend’. EasyWebinar gives you the best of both worlds.
With automated webinars as soon as you get your presentation recorded and either uploaded to EasyWebinar or start a live webinar and then turn it automated, the process is only about 2-5 minutes. You add in the video link, set the length of time for the video, set your offer buttons to show up at the times you want, your PDF downloads and/or questions…and boom, you are good to go.
15 seconds. Let’s say this is your first time using EasyWebinar. You simply go in and schedule the event. Save and Publish and that’s it. No need to build out your registration page or thank you page or event offers or customize the email notifications or add cool tracking pixels or anything else. If you simply want to go live, it takes 15 seconds. You can invite people to your event using our instant invite link. It quickly brings them in as attendees and if you choose you can make them presenters as well to assist you with your webinar.
We have a YouTube live integration which actually will bring in YouTube into our system which is actually super cool because with the popularity of live stream, people have been wanting to use higher quality streaming equipment along with the power of analytics, audience segmentation and automated webinar repurposing which our tool provides automatically. You see, with EasyWebinar you can run higher quality live stream events run on the back of YouTube Live straight into our platform. Events like conferences or classes with multiple cameras, etc. You can even use live stream cameras and 4k cameras. Our system allows you to use YouTube live as the stream into EasyWebinar while still taking advantage of our in real-time chat, product offers, and essentially every awesome feature of EasyWebinar. Soon in the near future, we are going to be giving you the ability to push your broadcasts to Facebook Live!
With our new live engine, you can have up to 4 people showing their faces and screen shares. With our YouTube live integration, you can have more than that.
With our new live engine, it is ZERO delay or latency. With YouTube live there is an approximate 5-10 second delay.
On our features roadmap, we will have the ability to push our live engine broadcast into Facebook live and YouTube. This will allow you to schedule Facebook Live events and use EasyWebinar to both share your screen and you in front of the camera.
We have the most robust email integrations of any webinar platform anywhere. The integrations cover all of the top ‘if this then that’ tagging email systems. Such as Infusionsoft, Ontraport, GetDrip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, and more. You can learn more about our email integrations by going to
We are all about our customer service. We have Intercom live chat both on the front end of the website as well as on the inside of the tool. If users need help with anything we are right there inside the system chatting with you. At any time you can always submit tickets into the helpdesk system and on occasion, the team will get on the phone with you to help troubleshoot more serious technical issues. We also have a private customer Facebook group where the community as well our our helpdesk staff help to make your webinar experience the best it can be!
Yes we have an extensive knowledge base. You can go to

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