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EasyWebinar vs. Demio:
Which platform is the best?

Take a look at this side by side comparison
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At EasyWebinar, we understand that picking a webinar platform for your business is a big decision and not one you should take lightly. When picking a webinar platform, you want to make sure to choose one that is reliable, affordable, and makes it easy for you to stay in your zone of genius! The last thing you want is to waste time or energy with webinar issues or go knee-deep into a platform only to find it doesn’t have the functionality you need. Enter the EasyWebinar vs Demio comparison. Take a look at what both platforms have to offer to determine which is right for you.

Number of Attendees

Both EasyWebinar and Demio offer a set number of attendees based on the tier you choose. With EasyWebinar you can host 2-3 times as many attendees per package in a tier to tier comparison.

easywebinar attendee
easywebinar attendee

Automated Webinar Capabilities

At EasyWebinar, we obsess over automated webinars as they allow you to scale your business without doing more work.

We make it easy for all users to convert recordings from a live event to an automated event, upload pre-recorded videos, and completely customize evergreen funnels.

Demio offers the option to automate a webinar, but they do not offer the customizations that give you total control of the experience your user has when they interact with your brand.

Live Streaming Options with YouTube & Facebook Integration

EasyWebinar has gone all-in with live streaming as we understand the power of social media and making it easy for your audience to watch your event. With our Live Engine, you get no-delay, high definition streaming.

Even more amazing, EasyWebinar integrates seamlessly with social media platforms. At any point during your event, you can click one button and immediately stream live to YouTube, Facebook or both. This allows you to create multi-camera professional events, scale to unlimited attendees, and build your social following all at the same time. Demio does not offer any live social media integrations.

easywebinar attendee
easywebinar attendee

Marketing, Sales &
Business Integrations

Both EasyWebinar and Demio offer marketing, sales, business, and other API integrations. Both programs integrate with Zapier, which opens a whole world of possibilities to customize your business needs. Clearly, we both recognize how dynamic your business is and how crucial it is to have all your programs work together.

Side By Side Comparison

At EasyWebinar, we are 100% transparent with package pricing, unlike some providers who make you inquire to learn more. On our website, you can click on the pricing tab from the top menu and easily display our plans then pick the option best suited for your business needs.

Features demio logo
Full Access Free Trial done  
4 Hosts included in base packages done  
Live Webinars done done
HD Video Live Streaming done done
Stream in your attendees local time zone done  
Base package allows up to 100 attendees for Live Webinars done  
Ability to scale to unlimited attendees with social media integrations done  
Integrate with YouTube & Facebook Live done  
Base package allows Automated Webinars done  
Immediately convert Live Webinars to Automated Webinars with 9 different scheduling options done  
Create Evergreen Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars for top of funnel lead generation done done
Ability to do Hybrid Webinars done done
Custom automation options for ongoing funnel touch points done  
“Right On Time” Events that automatically streams at the next 15 minute interval done  
Customizable countdown page done  
Robust and actionable insights done  
Complete control over the design via CSS at all package levels done  
Compatible with Email Marketing Programs done done
Compatible with Sales Programs done done
Compatible with Business Programs done done
Zapier Integrations done done

With Demio’s intro program you can only have 50 live attendees, with our platform you can have 100!


In the Demio vs. EasyWebinar debate, the winner is a no brainer decision - EasyWebinar.

It’s clear that EasyWebinar offers a more robust overall experience with tools available for all stages of your business and purposefully designed to help you grow!

With more attendees, more features, more integrations, more automation options, and better quality, EasyWebinar empowers you to create more sales and build better relationships.

easywebinar attendee

Finally, costs associated with each platform is a consideration. At EasyWebinar, our Free Trial allows you to experience all the features and benefits of our program and our base package includes both Live and Automated Webinars. When you compare apples to apples function, and features, EasyWebinar is by far the best value.

Choose EasyWebinar and grow your business with a partner who can support you at every stage.

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    Let’s start off with the understanding that GoToWebinar is only a live webinar option.

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    Easywebinar & webinar Jam

    EasyWebinar is the best ALL-IN-ONE live and evergreen/automated webinar platform around.

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“I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”