Easywebinar vs. WebinarJam & EverWebinar

EverWebinar is for automated webinars. WebinarJam is for live webinars.

EasyWebinar is the best ALL-IN-ONE live and evergreen/automated webinar platform around.

If there is software that competes with us pound for pound with our automation/evergreen functionality, it is Everwebinar. There are many similar features when running several different automation webinar scenarios.

  • From right on time webinars
  • Evergreen one time events
  • Streaming multiple times from the registration page

The differences are seen starting with EasyWebinar being able to stream a webinar to a replay page directly. EasyWebinar can also dynamically drop times from the registration page and only stream as many times as you would like to show based on when someone shows up to the page.

You can see more about the different types of webinars we can do including the variety of automated webinar scenarios.


The most popular complaint I hear in our forums regarding the differences between us and EVERWEBINAR is the TRACKING…and the CRM integrations.

EasyWebinar tracks everything…Plus our dashboard can help you to check specific action steps during the webinar to get an idea of where you need to improve your message. Whether it is from the registration page conversion or the beginning of the webinar, we can track action taken along your funnel.

Our integrations with the top CRM platforms are more robust. Several past EverWebinar customers have told us that they made the switch because of the ConvertKit integration and the simplicity by which we allow tags to be moved to CRM/Email Systems. Our automation basically has been simplified and you don’t have to be a funnel expert to use its power.

So now that we have compared EasyWebinar to one product (EverWebinar) of a company that offers 2 different solutions and charges separately for them…let’s pivot to WebinarJam.

EasyWebinar has gone all in with live stream. We have our brand new live engine which is a no latency, high definition streaming that can be closely compared to Zoom.

However, we also offer the ability to stream into EasyWebinar using a YouTube Live integration. Many people use this and love it due to the ability to stream to an unlimited number of attendees and potentially stream out events with more production to it such as multiple cameras, etc. We integrate with Wirecast and other third-party encoders so you can use EasyWebinar as the event portal for large events where you might be streaming entire 1000 person conferences LIVE.

Beyond that, our live engine is also perfect for the person who is just starting out and looking to quickly click the ‘Go Live’ button. They want something that works that is simple and can help them to make sales or get their message out to their audience. That is the power of EasyWebinar.

The differences between us and WebinarJam is as follows.

Historically WebinarJam was a Google Hangout plugin. They went through some serious troubles when that happened. From our side we were never a Google Hangout plugin, so we were never held to the same YouTube limitations that they were.

At this point, WebinarJam’s live stream platform is what is known as a hybrid WEBRTC.

But based on testing we have noticed that it has a long delay. There is quite a bit of latency during broadcasting. Some have said 30 seconds to 1 minute of a delay in latency. Meaning that it doesn’t stream in real time. Our’s streams in real time similar to Zoom or GTW. But maybe even faster. With our platform, a person can ask a question and before that question is over, an attendee can answer!

We can move an attendee to a presenter quickly to allow people to ask their questions live. We also have a few goodies on the horizon that NO live stream platform has implemented yet and we feel will revolutionize teaching and learning.

Finally, the most favorite implementation that EasyWebinar offers is to merge LIVE webinars to AUTOMATED webinars and vice versa. You can go from live to automated with a push a button.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say you had a live webinar scheduled but ate a bad pizza, if you got sick at the last minute but had 500 attendees registered for your webinar, you could toggle a live webinar to an automated, upload a video, set your offers, put in your redirect links…and boom….no need to cancel that webinar!

  • Demio

    I like the guys at Demio a lot. They care about solving problems for their users.

  • Zoom

    Zoom is great for video conferencing. However, not that awesome for webinars.

star star star star star

“I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”