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Easywebinar vs. Stealth Seminar

Stealth Seminar is an automated webinar platform and it was one of the first out in the market much like our product when EasyWebinar was just a wordpress plugin that ran only automated webinars.

Since then, EasyWebinar has changed in every major way that you wouldn't know that it was the same platform due to the fact that we had a bigger vision than just an automated webinar platform and you see that today in our 'zoom' like live stream engine that was built by us and our deep integration from live to automated functionality.

The owner of Stealth Seminar is someone we have always respected and to our knowledge, the product has always worked effectively for people.

But only for automated/evergreen webinars.

Yes, they do have a live stream aspect to their platform but it only uses YouTube live or UStream.tv (which are outside 3rd party tools).

EasyWebinar has it's own proprietary live stream tool that streams in real time. YouTube and Ustream both have delays and you would have to have them additionally to the tool.

With EasyWebinar that is not the case.

But moreover. EasyWebinar can take a past live stream that is hosted in EasyWebinar and automatically push it to one of your automated sessions.

No other platform does that. So basically setting up an automated webinar is easy. You start by running a live webinar with EasyWebinar.

However, we also allow you to add in your own Amazon s3 videos, YouTube or Vimeo as well for automated webinars.

Let's talk API integration with your favorite CRM and Email Systems.

Stealth seminar has some integrations and many of those integrations such as Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, etc...However, Stealth requires you to pay often times an additional 59/mo for individual integrations with each one.

EasyWebinar doesn't do that. Your advanced CRM and Email System integrations are done on a per plan basis and you can do more than one CRM and Email System integration in the same account.

We also have a Zapier integration so that you can integrate with basically ANY OTHER email system you desire.

Another thing you can do with EasyWebinar is use your own Email System to do both pre webinar notifications and post webinar notifications for both live and EVERGREEN webinars using our our advanced custom field pass through settings.

Another key feature that EasyWebinar has that no other webinar tool, including Stealth Seminar, is a timed replay page. Yes Stealth has a replay page but with EasyWebinar you can set your replay pages to expire either date based or on evergreen.

Finally, again, we respect the team and people at Stealth Seminar and Geoff Ronning because they like us has a very stable and reliable tool using automated webinars. We both have had time to work the million different scenarios an automated webinar system needs to work right every time...so while others have tried to perfect automated/evergreen webinars, few have come close to what our systems can do and as such if I had to say what 2 platforms were at the top of the automated/evergreen webinar food chain it would be EasyWebinar and Stealth Seminar...

But EasyWebinar has also made a very big push into making EasyWebinar the best live stream platform around to make it the only tool anyone ever needs. With Stealth, if you want no latency high definition streaming, you would have to get a completely different platform. With EasyWebinar, everything is done for you!

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    WebinarNinja is similar to Demio in the regard that their Automated/Evergreen doesn’t exactly mean evergreen.

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    Let’s start off with the understanding that GoToWebinar is only a live webinar option.

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“I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”