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Easywebinar vs. GoToWebinar

Let’s start off with the understanding that GoToWebinar is only a live webinar option. If you want to do evergreen webinars you would need to look elsewhere.

GTW does not have any tracking that can integrate with advanced CRM platforms like GetDrip, ConvertKit, Ontraport, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign beyond getting people registered for a webinar. With EasyWebinar, we integrate into your marketing. Not just from the front end, but from the back end. Meaning, based on actions performed during a webinar, EasyWebinar can send triggers and tags which can send off specific campaigns. GTW doesn’t offer that feature. They do not have the ability to track clicks or purchase actions like we do.

Most webinar platforms state that they offer automated webinars or instant replays but they don’t have the ability to do those in an evergreen setting to where the event streams in the attendees local time and in real time. EasyWebinar does all of that.

We have a built-in offer builder that can be tied into your favorite CRM platform. GTW has real-time chat like we do, but we’ve spiced up ours a bit with emoji integration for more excitement and engagement during the webinar.

GoToWebinar caps the number of attendees you can broadcast to. EasyWebinar does not. You can present to unlimited attendees using our streaming integrations and never have an issue with the stream quality.

The biggest difference is the automated/evergreen integration. Most platforms aren’t all in one like we are. That goes for GTW.

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    Stealth Seminar

    EasyWebinar has many more API integrations with your favorite autoresponders and CRMs.

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    I like the guys at Demio a lot. They care about solving problems for their users.

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“I personally use EasyWebinar and they are the best. I moved from using other platforms and nothing compares to their reliability and customer support!”