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EasyWebinar vs. WebinarNinja

At EasyWebinar, we understand that picking a webinar platform for your business is a big decision and not one that you should take lightly. When picking a webinar platform, you want to make sure to choose one that is reliable, affordable, and has as many integrations as possible. Plus, you want to find one with upgrades like webinar courses, additional video streaming options, chat support, and the ability to make your recordings automated.

With so many options available, we want to help you make the decision easier by comparing EasyWebinar vs. Webinar Ninja.

Live Webinar Differences

Both EasyWebinar and Webinar Ninja can help you run a webinar in just a few clicks of your mouse.

Teach webinar platform offers:

  • Live webinars
  • Online chat with attendees
  • Conduct polls with your audience
  • Create multiple offers and display in chat
  • Upload slides easily (and store your files)
  • Allow attendees to ask question and answers during the event

Overall, both can help you run a live webinar. But the real differences happen with running automated webinars, streaming capabilities, and pricing.

Automated Webinar Differences

At EasyWebinar, we love automated webinars and make it easy for users to convert recordings from a live event to automated. EasyWebinar can take your live webinars and convert them immediately into an automated webinar with more than 9 different scheduling options.

Plus, you can turn your live webinar into an evergreen webinar funnel as soon as your live event is over. Doing this can often allow you to collect more leads and create more sales without spending more time presenting live. With our system, you can either start an automated webinar just as an automated webinar or convert your live webinars to automated.

Webinar Ninja doesn’t have near this many options and instead, offers them in more of an on-demand webinar. These lack the look and feel of an automated webinar which tends to see less engagement.

Another big disadvantage of using Webinar Ninja is the time zone aspect with automated webinars. When using automated webinars, they don’t stream events in their own attendee’s time automatically, which can make it confusing for the user and reduce attendance rates.

Plus, it’s a disadvantage if you’re running a webinar and it only displays in your time zone and not their local time as fewer people are likely to attend. With people joining from all around the world, it’s important to make it easy for attendees to attend which is why EasyWebinar uses a dynamic, time dropping system.

API Integrations

Another big difference between our platform and Webinar Ninja is the multitude of CRM and Email integration we offer that their platform simply does not. We pride ourselves in having more API integrations so that our software pairs effortlessly with your current CRM.

Not only do we have many more API integrations, but ours go much deeper than competitors like Webinar Ninja by performing many more actions. Instead of simply adding a contact record to a CRM, you can learn more about all the different actions that the user took. This gives you more flexibility to segment your attendees and ensure that each person is getting the right message and follow up at the right time.

Here is a preview of some of the email providers that EasyWebinar seamlessly integrates with:

  • Drip
  • Mailchimp
  • Ontraport
  • Convertkit
  • Get Response
  • Active Campaign
  • Constant Contact
  • Keep (Infusionsoft)

Our automation process has been simplified and you don’t have to be a funnel expert to use its power and easily integrate with your current email marketing software. With more integrations, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of switching just to find one that syncs with your webinar software.

Youtube and Facebook Live EasyCast Streaming Tool

At EasyWebinar, we also offer our amazing YouTube connection and Facebook Live using our easy cast streaming tool. EasyWebinar's “EasyCast” feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Many people use and love this feature as you have the ability to stream to an unlimited number of attendees and potentially stream out events with more production to it such as multiple cameras and presenters. EasyWebinar integrates with Wirecast and other third-party encoders so you can use our software as the event portal for large events where you might be streaming entire 1000 person conferences live!

Webinar Ninja doesn’t offer these live streaming features on either platform which is a huge disadvantage. If you’re someone who already has a following on Youtube or Facebook, sharing your webinars with them is much more difficult and you could miss out on a ton of sales!

Pricing and Plans

Webinar Ninja also offers a 7-day free trial on all four plans. Their annual plans range from $39/month to $199/month (priced monthly).

EasyWebinar also offers the same 7-day free trial on all three of our standard and pro annual plans. While our prices are slightly higher for the starter package, we also have more options as mentioned above but also onboard new clients at a much higher level. Plus, to have up to 500 live webinar attendees, we are a lower-priced option by $39 per month (on the annual plan)!

When you start with EasyWebinar, you get instant access to the Elite Webinar Mastery Foundation course, chat support, and an onboarding call. This separates from all the other webinar platforms as we set every user up for the most success. Plus, the Foundation course is something you can revisit and keep learning from as you become more advanced at running webinars.


Whether you’re running your first webinar or thinking about switching from another provider, hopefully, this helps you understand the differences between EasyWebinar vs. Webinar Ninja.

As you can tell, EasyWebinar has more integrations, more online learning tools, and better support among other features. Our goal is to keep the tech part simple so that you can spend all of your time and energy serving your audience.

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