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How A Webinar Can 100X Your Email List and Build Financial Freedom: Amy Porterfield  

Amy Porterfield: Easy Webinar

If you haven’t used a webinar yet you’re missing out…big.

Today’s case study is someone who left the corporate world to become her own boss. She went from working with Harley Davidson and Tony Robbins to riding the rollercoaster of entrepreneurship.

While it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, she’s turned her initial struggles as an entrepreneur into one of the best in the world.

This post is all about how Amy Porterfield has used Easy Webinar to help grow her email list to 250,000+ loyal fans and help fellow entrepreneurs worldwide.

Who Is Amy Porterfield?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know Amy Porterfield if you’re an online entrepreneur. She is an unbelievably successful entrepreneur who helps other online entrepreneurs build a life and business they love. She has a top-rated podcast, best-selling courses, and multiple 7-figure revenue streams.

How Amy Uses Easy Webinar

Amy has used Easy Webinar in so many facets of her business. She said that webinars are the #1 reason she went from 600 to 250,000+ email subscribers. She runs Facebook Ads to get name and email for sign-ups for webinars which have changed her business entirely. This is a lot like the strategy our founder, Casey Zeman, used to initially build his email list.

Amy’s Easy Webinar Equation: Facebook Ads → Register for Webinar → Webinar (Provide Value and Pitch Solutions)

Once she’s delivered at least 30 minutes of amazing content on her webinar, then she begins the selling process. Plus, she also uses webinars with her existing clients to help foster relationships.

Here are her six keys to crushing it with Easy Webinar.

6 Keys to Crushing it With Easy Webinar

1. Content is Still King   

Always think of the content first. Even in the corporate world and previous life, Amy is always a fan of delivering a ton of high-quality content. She said that it’s so important to think about what your audience needs as well as what they want. As Amy said, “If you think about content first your audience will always want to come back for more.

Another pro tip she delivered, don’t go on for 20 minutes about your individual story. People are attending your audience to learn how you can help them, not about your success story. While you should add credibility and share a bit about yourself, focus on building trust and helping them on the webinar.  

2. Be Aware of “Over-Sharing”

While content is super important, oversharing can make attendees jump off and not buy your product as much as not sharing enough. With your time, you need to find the balance of providing value but not giving them too much to digest.

You want the audience to walk away inspired more than confused.

She said the best way to keep yourself on track during a webinar if you are an ‘over-sharer’ is to set parameters with your title. i.e. “5 Tips To XYZ”. With limiting titles you are you able to stay within the fence and keep the webinar on point.

She also recommends practicing the webinar in advance so you can tighten it up and have it nearly memorized. It’s okay if your first few times feel a little sloppy, that’s part of the learning curve of hosting webinars. As she said, “Practice makes perfect and keeps the webinar on track.”

3. Figure Out The What, Why, and How For Your Audience

The webinar is the “WHAT” – you are selling and the “WHY” – is how it matters to your audience.

The product you are selling is the “HOW”. This is how you actually do what you told them about in the webinar.

During the webinar, you want to paint a picture of the opportunity and why it matters to them.

This also helps you stay on track and not go too long.  Don’t get into the how because it causes them to overload and not buy because it’s too much content.

4. Use Webinars to Scale the Business  

Amy also recommends using your podcast or blog to get leads into the webinars. When you think of scalability – think of new audiences to get them to the webinars.

Create content based on the content of the webinar.

Make it live right around the time to jump on the webinar. Choose one of the things on the webinar but go really deep on the podcast or blog content too.

The front end content introduces the concept on the webinar before they ever sign on. You will get a bigger audience when you use front end content to get into the webinar.

Always churn out a lot of content before and after the webinar to keep getting more attendees.  

5. Use Webinars to Massively Grow Your Email List

Amy started at 600 subscribers and grew to 250,000+ using webinars and FB ads to get registrants to webinars. The webinar is the tool she has used to drastically increase her list size even if it doesn’t always result in sales. She’s even running cold traffic to get people to her podcast or directly to her webinar.  

As she said, “If you’re having trouble perfecting selling on the webinar that’s ok. At least know that you’re using the webinar to build your list. You will perfect the sale as you go.”

The more you do webinars the more ready you’ll be for them in the future and increase your closing ratio.  

6. Cultivate Better Relationships with Existing Students

Amy’s found other great benefits to Easy Webinar as well. She recommends using webinars to nurture existing students. She uses webinars for fulfillment, almost like a boot camp for her clients.

Final Thoughts

As Amy said, “Your webinars should leave your audience feeling exciting, inspired, and driven to take action.”

While you might run too long, overshare or not always close well, you’re always growing your email list too. Plus,  it’s always an opportunity to positively impact others even if they aren’t ready to buy yet.

I love her mantra, “No matter if they buy or not they walk away today excited, inspired and ready to take action.”

Use these tips from Amy Porterfield to start building your email list and creating a community that people will want to join!

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