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Uploading A Video For An Evergreen Webinar

Uploading a video file to use with EasyWebinar evergreen webinars is quick and easy with 4 approved options we discuss in detail below.

An evergreen webinar needs to be smooth and uninterrupted. It needs to appear as a “Like-Live” video or the experience will be shown in the conversion results.

I will give the one huge takeaway now here at the beginning and I will reiterate at the end. Yes, it’s that important. Your webinar video is critical to the success of your webinar.

Do not, under any circumstances, host your video yourself on your own website just to save a buck. It’s not worth it. This is a business expense for you because good hosting services that specialize in video hosting are worth the cost.

Think for a moment of all of the devices and platforms and cross-platforms that your webinar needs to play well on.

  • Mobile vs. Desktop vs. Tablet.
  • Playing the webinar video on different browsers.
  • iOs vs. Android vs. Others.
  • On mobile devices are they watching in portrait mode or landscape mode?

Your video must play everywhere on everything to be effective. The channels we have listed below are the recommended and supported video hosting services that operate best with EasyWebinar evergreen webinars.



  • Free. Normally it can be said that you get what you pay for, but in this case YouTube is a great value for it still being a free video platform.
  • Easy to upload and get usable URL link for your webinar
  • Owned by Google so this platform has a long life expectancy. It is a vital component of Google search algorithm and most likely not going away any time soon.


  • YouTube logo shows during your webinar.
    ** NOTE **  The logo is removable by adding  ?modestbranding=1  to the end of the video url.
  • You must record on outside application or YouTube Live
  • The platform is overused by and oversaturated with scams and amateurs. Using YouTube could pre-frame you in the same bucket.
  • The main function of YouTube is actually your con. SEO… you don’t want your video to be found.
  • As in the above section – Owned by Google – therefore continuous change to the platform is expected.
  • Can be a little tricky to not show other reviews or related content once your webinar is over.
  • As with any internet platform outages do occur.

Amazon S3

Amazon has computers… Ok, Amazon has a lot of computers. Actually Amazon has more computing power than Microsoft, Google and IBM combined. How that applies to you is that Amazon shares their computers with you, and me, and everyone else. As a matter of fact if you have an Amazon login you already have everything you need to open an Amazon S3 account.

amazon S3 (Simple, Storage, Service) is available to you to store your webinar videos for pennies per view. Why pay these pennies to view when YouTube is free? Great question. Amazon servers are everywhere and the fastest around. Also when you look over the pros and cons below you will see there are no “related videos” or ads or YouTube logos to deal with when you use Amazons servers.


  • Super Fast
  • Reliable – Even in one region Amazon backs up your webinar video files to 3 completely separate servers protecting against loss.
  • No logos – I love YouTube and it certainly has it’s place in SEO. But free things always come at a cost and that’s why I like Amazon S3 videos. No Logo!


  • Several steps to upload – It is a bit daunting and cumbersome if you are to used to the S3 platform.
  • Difficult UI to navigate – I suppose this is similar to above comment. But even more than the number of steps to get your video ready is the difficult navigation.
  • Only plays at the resolution you upload – Amazon is just a storage unit and not an encoder like YouTube or Vimeo. The resolution you upload is the resolution it plays.
  • You must record on outside application – This one is simple. But like most video platforms you must use another software to record then upload to Amazon.

Let’s get started with Amazon S3 steps
Login using your regular Amazon login.
If you don’t have an Amazon AWS account yet watch the video below follow the simple steps

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”autoplay; encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>
{ video from Vimeo]


Vimeo is a great paid option for video storage and viewing on EasyWebinar.


  • Auto plays at different resolutions depending on the internet capability of the viewer.
  • Smooth play options with no logo showing.


  • Must have paid “Pro” version or higher which is $240 annual fee.
  • You must record on outside application or Vimeo Live ($$)

EasyWebinar Live


  • Stay within the environment
  • One-Click recording
  • No uploading required
  • No URL to copy
  • No need to use an outside recording application


  • Not editable as recorded
  • Cannot upload different video


Why don’t we suggest or approve of other sources to upload your video such as your own website?

speed and reliability.

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