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Earn Complete Time Freedom Using Webinars: a Tanya Aliza Interview


Do you think the 4-Hour Workweek really exists?

Tanya Aliza dreamed of setting up her business to allow her to work less. But she didn’t want to sacrifice the income. So how do you do that?
Tanya was motivated by Tim Ferriss, a best-selling author, to create this exact lifestyle.
After reading “The 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss” in 2009, she started her first online business in 2010. Fast forward a decade later, she is a successful online marketer and business coach. Today, Tanya works hard…for two hours per day!
Tanya has digital courses and automated webinars that enable her to work less. She’s been able to create the life of her dreams and has made it her mission to help as many other entrepreneurs as possible.
If you’ve dreamed about working less and earning more, learn from the master of productivity and success, Tanya Aliza.
Let’s learn together how she built her business. You will also get some great webinar tips to help you grow your business and get more time back in your life.

Who is Tanya Aliza?

Tanya Aliza assists those looking for success.
Tanya Aliza offers tips on how to become more successful with your business.
Tanya Aliza is a business coach who helps entrepreneurs and network marketers design a lifestyle they love. She started in network marketing and now works as a coach, speaker, and online course creator.
Early on in her entrepreneur journey, she realized there was a need to educate others to build online businesses. The first course she created was to help others build a blog, create sales funnels and drive traffic.
She sold that course through webinars and her first launch yielded $256,000! Now she’s consistently doing launches and growing her empire.
Needless to say, she’s crushing it with EasyWebinar and I want to share her tips from my awesome conversation with Tanya on Webinar Lab.

Tanya Aliza’s Webinar Tips

1. Webinar Success Formula

Give your clients the means to earn their own success.
Bringing success means giving your client the means to succeed for themselves.
Your webinar content should only tease your product or service. It shouldn’t be a full solution to the viewer’s problem. As Tanya said,
“I make sure the webinars are the why and the what…then I sell them the how.”
This is the exact same strategy I’ve used and continue to use with our webinars. The goal with your webinar is to provide as much value as you can. This builds trust and establishes credibility.

2. Pre-Sell Your Course or Service

Pre-selling webinars gives you time to prepare for your clients.
Pre-selling your webinars helps you prepare and give the clients what they really want.
I’m so glad Tanya brought this point up because it’s something I’ve had the painful experience of learning from in the past. When I was first trying to sell online courses before webinars, I made an in-depth and extensive YouTube course. The problem was that I couldn’t sell more than a handful of courses. By the time I figured out how to sell it, some of the content was already outdated.
To help you avoid this in your course creation and webinar journey, do what Tanya does and pre-sell your course. By setting up a webinar funnel and pre-selling the course, you can survey and learn from the audience. Once you get some people to check out the course, you can clean it up and get real-time feedback from customers.
As she said, her team’s motto is “Paint the plane while it flies.”
If you’ve ever designed a course, you know that the 1.0 version, of course, is never the perfect one. By getting it out there sooner and pre-selling, you can change things as you go to make it better.
This also yields case studies and testimonials to make your webinar and sales page even stronger. Not to mention an influx of revenue to help you make the product and launch even better.

3. Rinse and Repeat Funnels

Use a process formula repeatedly to output content.
Using a cyclical process to create and produce content is great for you and consumers alike.
One of Tanya’s funnels is generating $520,000 each year in sales like clockwork! Tanya and her team spent a lot of time on this funnel and have perfected the sequences, webinar, and follow-up emails. Thanks to their diligent work, each time she rolls out a new program she simply rinses and repeats that funnel.
Like she said, “There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Stick to what is working.” Now they roll out a new online program every two years. Plus, they are constantly going back and updating past content to make sure it’s up to date and useful for clients.

4. Understand Client Entry Points

Build your clients' trust with an easy process to reach your product.
Give your clients an easy step by step process to reach your course or product.
Tanya and her team have done extensive A/B testing to understand how people interact and engage with her content online. If someone is coming from a YouTube video vs. a cold traffic Facebook ad, she caters to each of them differently. This helps her conversions and also creates a better experience for the user as well.
For example, I was on her YouTube and the call to action was to visit the blog for even more content. I clicked over to read more juicy content and at the bottom was a PDF popup. Once I filled this out, I got invited to sign up for an evergreen webinar.
She recommends learning more about how users engage with your content on each platform and serving them differently. If they’re new to your brand, focus on a heavy indoctrination sequence and freebie downloads. If they’re warm traffic from a look-alike audience on Facebook, they’re more likely to sign up for a webinar immediately and don’t need as much info.

5. Build a Team

Having a team is essential for time preservation.
Working together as a team opens up a wide range of things you can accomplish in small amounts of time.
One of the common things I’ve heard from the guests on Easy Webinar Lab is the importance of building a team. By doing so, you can spend less time doing stuff you hate in your business and focus on your zone of genius. Tanya now has a team of six people which allows her to spend time on content and doing stuff she loves.
Like she said, success in business is built on systems. Find a way to automate, delegate or eliminate everything you don’t want to do. This makes it effortless to scale and enjoy more time working on your business.
Check out how automated webinars can also help you with time efficiency here.

6. Utilize Thank You Pages

There's a great importance in thanking your clients.
Utilize your thank you pages to the fullest and give your clients something to be thankful for too.
If you are already running a webinar, let me ask… “What type of content is on your thank you page?”
Is it simply a reminder to save the date for the webinar or does it provide more value or even have a one-time offer?
This is one of the biggest areas to improve in so many entrepreneur’s funnels.
Tanya is not one of those users as she has an informative video sales letter with a one-time offer. The offer is a low-ticket offer for a $7 PDF. While it might not seem like a ton of money, this will help cover ad costs to create a break-even funnel.
Plus, it gets people comfortable pulling out their credit card and transacting with your business. This almost always leads to a higher conversion rate once you pitch at the end of the webinar.
Learning how to use webinars makes your business efficient.
Learning how to use webinars can help you achieve your goals with efficiency and give clients a lot to love from your business.

Wrapping Up

My favorite quote from Tanya’s interview was, “Webinars give you the ability to do what you want when you want.”
And it’s true. I’m passionate about the company I created because I want to help more people take back control of their time. While making money is great, having 100% time freedom is even better. Or in Tanya’s case, both!

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