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7 Reasons Why Every Business Needs a Webinar

Yes, every business can benefit from running a webinar. Sure, I might be a little biased as the creator of Easy Webinar but it’s true. Nearly every business can greatly benefit from running a webinar in some way or another.

With the power of Easy Webinar, you can run both live webinars and automated webinars to promote your products and services. Even if it’s not sales directly, webinars allow you to speak directly to your ideal audience and help them solve a problem for free.

Plus, you’re getting an email for each signup and getting them in your ecosystem to further cultivate a relationship. Remember, the money is in the list! Here are seven other huge reasons why every business should have a webinar.

Why Every Business Need a Webinar

1. Become an Expert

In this Entrepreneur article about becoming an expert, it said “Part of having authority status is being both an educator and an advocate for your clients. As an educator, you work hard at communicating with your customers on a regular basis.” They also mention speaking at events and podcasts to establish more credibility as well. Webinars do just that.

When running a webinar, you are giving 60+ minutes of education and value to your audience. You get to provide solutions to your customer and get them more familiar with you and your business.

If you’re passionate about what you’re doing (which I’m sure you are), this will show in your presentation. Speaking confidently about solving a problem people have will automatically help you become an expert in the subject.

2. Constantly Deliver Value

It’s harder than ever to keep the attention of people with so much noise and social media content. But webinars do what video content simply can’t do, keep an audience engaged for a long period of time.

Plus, if you’re running a live webinar, participants can ask questions and get immediate answers. Not to mention, you can ask your audience a ton of questions and learn about their biggest struggles during the process as well. And even if people don’t buy, they are still getting a ton of value.

They are getting in your ecosystem and becoming more familiar with you and your product or service. This familiarity can mean future sales if they aren’t quite ready to buy on the first webinar.

3. Get People to Know, Like, and Trust You

Like I just mentioned, webinars give you a chance to deliver an extremely high amount of value to your audience. Even if people don’t buy, they are getting to know you as a person or your business. This increased the know, like, and trust factor.

Increasing the know, like, and trust factor is very difficult to do on a 60-second Instagram clip or Youtube video where people just want answers. Webinars that last an hour or more show that you are committed to helping people get answers.  

4. Grow Your Email List

Business is driven by the number of new leads you get on a regular basis. When people sign up for webinars it’s normal to fill in name, email and sometimes other information. This instantly gets you their contact information.

While you won’t convert 100% of webinar participants, you’ll grow your email list for acquiring new leads.

Let’s say you get 100 people to a webinar and 10% convert. The other 90 people are now leads in your ecosystem.

While they might not have bought yet, now you have their email. You can retarget them, offer discounts, downsells, and other similar product offerings.

Plus, they are more familiar with you and your business making them a warm lead.

5. Speed Up the Sales Process

As I mentioned, webinars grow your know, like, and trust factor much quicker than a long email sequence or Instagram post. This trust will usually help speed up the process of converting a lead into a paying customer.

And if you can increase the speed of your sales process, you’ll have a positive ROI much sooner. This is extremely helpful if you’re a cash-strapped startup or trying to grow a small business.

By speeding up your sales funnel, you don’t have to wait 30 or 60 days as you might with other funnels. This means more cash now to spend on driving more leads and scaling your business.  

6. Attract Affiliates and New Partners

Partnerships and driving traffic are two parts of growing your business that isn’t always easy to make happen. Paid advertising is getting more expensive and it’s hard to find great partners or affiliates to help you increase sales… until you have a webinar.

Webinars are great because they can help you find new partners and thus, more traffic to get people to your event. After you a run a webinar you will have tons of information about your event. You’ll know your earnings per registrants, earnings per click, earning per attendee and tons of other great metrics.

Once you have this information then you can find affiliates to help promote your product or service. If you have the numbers to back them up, affiliates are much more likely to send traffic your way. And you never know, if things go well, it could end up being a long-term strategic partnership moving forward.

7. Webinars Convert Higher Than Sales Pages

According to Search Engine Land, “We found that about a quarter of all accounts are converting at less than 1%. Across industries, the average landing page conversion rate was 2.35%, yet the top 25% are converting at 5.31% or higher.”

Yikes, only 2.35% conversion from traditional, long-form sales pages! I completely understand as I’ve had struggles with sales page conversion as well. In fact, it’s one of the reasons I love using webinars so much.

I regularly see 10% or more conversion from attendees. Expert marketer, Neil Patel, said he sees webinars convert at 20% or more.

While I wish I could promise 10 or 20% there is a lot of different factors that go into conversion. How you promote the webinar, content, presentation, industry, and offer all play a major role.

But in my own experience, I have seen webinars convert at an extremely high rate compared to standard, long copy and video sales pages.

Webinars are super powerful and I’m confident they can help you become an expert, increase your likeability and help scale your business. Plus, the downside of running is almost non-existent.

You’re providing free content to people who took time out of their busy lives to learn from you. Even if they don’t buy anything, they are learning about something new and also learning more about you.

Start Your Webinar Today

Hopefully, this post motivates you to take action and start thinking about how a webinar can help grow your business. 

Learn more about getting started with Easy Webinar today.

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