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Future Course Creators: Don’t Make This Mistake [A Cautionary Tale]

Watch for these common mistakes.

Hi there! Casey here from EasyWebinar.

Here are 3 quick tips for creating your course

1 - Don't take too long to create your course
2 - Less is more
3 - Pricing is based on results. 

Keep reading and watch my video below for further discussion and clarity on those points. 

We hear statements like this all the time...

"Take your knowledge online and create an online course."

Your blood starts pumping and then you dive in...
Pouring out all of your energy to create the perfect, A-Z course. 
You work for days, weeks, months... years. 
[100 years later]...You're finally done.

But you're withered, broken down,
and can't eat your food properly...

Sure, you have a course, but it's 100 years old
...with more than 10,000 videos...
100,000 worksheets...

And more FLUFF than the Stay-Puffed-Marshmallow Man...

Who's gonna buy that whale of a course?
No matter how cheap you price it.

Seriously though, what most people do is they take 6 months (like I did) to build out their course, and by the time they launch it, it doesn't sell.

That's 6 crappy months of wasted time 🙁

To avoid being a statistic, a cautionary tale (like me), watch this short video to uncover 3 ‘unfair advantages’ that will give you a massive leg up when building your own online course.

As founder of a tool (EasyWebinar) that many course creators (like Melyssa Griffin, Jenna Kutcher, John Lee Dumas, Amy Porterfield, Jay Shetty, Kim Constable, Bob Proctor, etc) use to sell their courses online, I know the benefits of seeing how a person's life can change once you have a course that is not only changing the lives of your customers but also generating life altering revenue.

If you want to create your course the right way out of the gate, I wanted to invite you to an online MASTERCLASS that is run by TEACHABLE.  

Teachable is the premier membership platform that can house your online course and they are running a Creator Challenge for the next 3 months.

If you’re ready to create a course that matters, enroll your first students, and earn an income (full time, or on the side) by teaching what you know — then here’s what I recommend you do next...

Watch Teachable’s free, 45-minute, on-demand masterclass, called:

“The Creator Challenge: How to Create Your Own Profitable Online Course in the Next 3 Months”

I've partnered with our friends at Teachable who have helped tens of thousands of people create online courses. What’s one of the things that all of their most successful instructors have in common? They started out by watching this free training!


In the masterclass you will:

  • Learn why so many people are creating online courses to increase their income and their impact.
  • Find out the key steps that our successful course creators use to successfully implement their ideas to create an online course that leads to happy students and meaningful revenue — all within 60-90 days.
  • Understand how to choose a profitable, in-demand course topic that you’re excited about.
  • Discover how to easily set up your own online school and storefront where you can accept payments, manage your students, and track your revenue — without the tech headaches.
  • Receive a templatized course marketing calendar that you can use to enroll your first students and scale your course sales.
  • Get access to behind-the-scenes case studies of bloggers, freelancers, coaches, freelancers, influencers, and consultants who are using online courses to grow their businesses.

...And a whole lot more!



The masterclass is led by Jess Catorc and Cameron Mattis, from the Teachable Team, who both have years of experience working with many of the most profitable, well-known creators on Teachable.

It’s only going to be available for a limited time, though...
click here to access the on-demand training!  

At the end of the masterclass, you’ll also learn about how to get free entry to participate in The Creator Challenge.

The Creator Challenge is an exciting, 3-month long event hosted by Teachable from June through August — and it’s specifically for creators like you.

During those three months, you will build your course business alongside a community of thousands of other new course creators like you.

You’ll learn from guest business mentors like Ramit Sethi, Pat Flynn, Carrie Green (founder of The Female Entrepreneur Association), and Melyssa Griffin to name a few! And as you hit milestones — like publishing your first course and enrolling your first students — you’ll earn fun rewards, including Teachable swag, valuable software tools, coaching, and more!


If you’re interested in learning more about The Creator Challenge, they’ll show you how to get involved at the end of the free 45-minute masterclass!

Click here to register for the free masterclass from Teachable, “The Creator Challenge: How to Create Your Own Profitable Online Course in the Next 3 Months.”


Be sure to carve out 45 minutes, grab a warm beverage, and enjoy!
Click here to learn more + claim your free spot on the training

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