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How to Use Your Own Email Provider to Pass EasyWebinar Attendees Their Unique Event URL

With EasyWebinar you are able to use a variety of different ways to get people to your webinars.

We have our own built-in notifications that can work for you for both live or automated webinars in your attendees timezone or your own.  If you didn’t have your own Email Provider, you could build your list with it and download the CSV file that EasyWebinar creates for all of your attendees.

We also have a feature where you can use BOTH your own Email Provider (Autoresponder) AND our built in notification system together. With that feature you are adding attendees to your Email list and the webinar at the same time. You are also still using our built in notification emails instead of your own Email Provider for follow up.

If you would like to see an indepth explanation on how to use the different email integrations, watch this video and training. It will also show you how to set up a Sendgrid account to host the emails for better deliverability.

In that video above one of the options it talks about is using your own Email Provider to send your attendees their unique webinar/event URL.  With EasyWebinar it is doable to not use our built in notifications and only your Email Provider however there are a few things that you must do in order to do it.

Also there is a specific scenario as to why you use our built in notifications and not your own Autoresponder to send the notifications.  That scenario is how the EXPERT’S use EasyWebinar.  However, truth be told, EasyWebinar makes it easy to use this super powerful , result oriented feature.

When is that Scenario?

When using EasyWebinar to run Automated Webinars/Events streamed specifically in YOUR ATTENDEES TIMEZONE.

You see, one of EasyWebinar’s unique features is that you can stream out killer pre-recorded automated webinars in your attendees local timezone.  So you set the days and times you want your event to stream out and EasyWebinar serves it to your attendees in your attendees time.  Your own Email Provider/Autoresponder would not be able to know when and how to send those notifications out due to the fact that they can only handling sending email batches in ONE timezone and not ALL timezones.  If you are planning on using EasyWebinar for your automated webinars.  Then it is best to set up your notifications with us (Hosted with Sendgrid) while still adding all attendees to your list.  (There are detailed videos and training on how to do exactly this inside EasyWebinar…but our team is also here to help you every step of the way!)

So for the scenario of using EasyWebinar for One-Time events (which is in your admin timezone) you can use your own Email Provider.

In order to do this and pass your attendees unique webinar/event URL you would create a ‘custom field’ when building out your Autoresponder form and link that as your unique attendees event URL.

In this video below, Jim Samples takes us through that process using Mail Chimp.  Please note: this should work for all Email Providers just as it does for Mail Chimp.

If you should have any questions on using this feature, please let us know by commenting below or email or click here for direct support questions. 

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