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How to Make $20K Per Day With Webinars: Devin Duncan’s Story

How different would your life and business look if you were making 10, 15 or even $20,000 from webinars? And I’m not talking per month, I’m talking about per day!

While it may seem like a stretch, depending on where you are in your business, it’s 100% possible. Instead of me giving you the tips on how to do it, I wanted to share with you a success story from one of our top clients, Devin Duncan.

Who is Devin Duncan?

Devin made his first attempt in e-commerce in 2005 and quickly learned the ins and outs of selling online. In 2006, while still in college, he started

It was a customized apparel site servicing the college Greek market. He grew that company to one of the top three in the marketplace in just a few short years. The crazy part is that he did it all with no sales people, just the power of the internet!

Over time he’s transitioned but continues to dominate internet marketing. He and his wife now devote their time to creating educational programs for entrepreneurs and have impacted businesses and lives all over the world. 

One of the ways he’s been able to crush it with online marketing is by tapping into the power of live and automated webinars. As he said in my interview I had with him, “Webinars in all of our businesses and promotional strategies are a key element.  We don’t do a promotion without doing a webinar.”

Here’s his five biggest tips to help you model his success with webinars.

Devin’s Top Tips to Leverage the Power of Webinars

Automated webinars are used in the business every day in some level of his sales funnel. He says that auto-webinars are responsible to bring in $15K-$20k per day in sales!

When you look at his content online, it’s not surprising that he’s able to generate that much revenue. Devin has it dialed in as he has the right offer, at the right right time for the right person. And all of this is fueled by EasyWebinar.

If you want to expand your business, I recommend taking Devin’s webinar tips and seeing how you can implement them into your marketing strategy.

1. Track Your Time

Time is the one thing in life you can’t get back. While you can always make more money, you can’t ever get more time. Devin understands this concept well and meticulously tracks his time.

As he said, “The most important metric we track is how much time in hours is it going to take from the non-duplicatable person and how much revenue with we generate from the webinar.”

Let me ask, how much time are you spending with webinars? Is it generating enough revenue for your precious time?

If not, make sure you work with a team to help you delegate tasks. This will help you stay in your zone of genius and not get pulled in every direction.

2. Start With Live Webinars

While it’s easy to want to go straight to automated webinars, Devin notes the importance of beginning with live webinars. By starting with live webinars, you can test different webinar scripts, pitches and offers. Then you can use the questions from the audience to get it dialed in before you start using automated webinars on that product line.

He said that he is currently running webinars for five different products. He uses automated webinars in all three stages of the funnel, from top to bottom.

If your audience is small and you don’t get a huge turnout for your webinar, don’t worry. Even if you only have one person on your webinar, it is a great opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t work.

Plus, live webinars help you know the pain points and objections of those attendees to help you make a better presentation the next time. When you do end up creating your automated webinar, make sure to answer the objections there.

3. Automated Webinars For Outside the US

One of the perks of automated webinars is that you can have them run however many times you’d like and in the time zone of the attendee. You don’t have to worry about asking them to stay up late or get up early to attend in the morning.

Devin recommends setting up an automated webinar during live launch for countries outside the U.S.  For example, Australia and UK customers would have to join you at 2 or 3 in the morning. This makes it easier to attend and hopefully become your customer.

4. Ensure the Webinar is Evergreen Friendly

If you plan on taking a live webinar and making it automated in the future, make sure you know that before the webinar. You need to leave out time of day and date comments that are not evergreen.

There isn’t much worse than thinking you’re attending a live webinar only to realize that it’s not. It’s a bad look that often leaves a bad taste for attendees.

Another thing you can say is, “We may not get to your question or chat now – but someone will be getting with you.”  Make sure to only answer questions in the chat that apply to the group and will help conversions. Leave the rest to individual replies.

5. Test Out Different Times

Devin also recommends to try out different scheduling times and track your conversion metrics to notice any trends. Like I normally recommend, it is best to not schedule for now or today.  

Next day scheduling allows you to send emails out before they attend the webinar. You want to frame the mindset and let them know, like, and trust you.

He’s found that 1 pm EST – 7 pm EST is the best times and highest conversions in his webinars. As far as days of the week go, he recommends using Wednesday and Thursday for live webinars for best results.

Remember, automated webinars can be 7 days a week but expect to see a drop-off Friday through Sunday.

Bonus: High Ticket Follow Up

The final tip from Devin is for big-ticket items that are $1,000 and overuse automation systems like Infusionsoft. It is easy to trigger a sales team follow up with attendees after the sale to ensure consumption.

Ask for a phone number on the thank you page – “Do you want a follow-up call?”.  This extra step can help bring clients who are contemplating the purchase to becoming a high-ticket customer.


Hopefully, you found these tips from Devin helpful. Try to adapt your webinars with one or more of these tips to start scaling your business. I’m confident with a mix of live and automated webinars, you can find more success than you ever thought possible!

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