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How to Go From an Automated Real Time Streamed Event To A Live Q and A With EasyWebinar (Hybrid Events)

One of the absolute best marketing strategies is doing an automated pre-recorded video event that can warm up your audience and then redirect them into a LIVE Q and A session when the event is done to answer their questions, objections and more about the product.


Normally in the past you would have to use several products to do this…costing way too much and a big ole hassle.
Well this is simply ONE of many strategies that can be performed with EasyWebinar (All in One)


Watch this video to learn more.



Please note: Our software creates all types of events, and the ability to go from one event to the next is HUGE! I could go from a
pre-recorded event into a live Q AND A and still have my buy now button or say a limited time offer going on!
These strategies get me super excited and giddy and I hope they would do the same for you!
So if you have not yet come on through now is the time to do so.

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