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EasyCast is Here

2019 is starting off with feature rich options and upgrades to EasyWebinar. Our development staff is always on point with changes and improvements to our system. Starting off 2019 on the right foot with great development executions is no small task.  We added 2 amazing features to your EasyWebinar app that will be game changers in the way you are able to market your business using webinars.


To start the lineup our new EasyCast™ feature is live in your app. EasyCast™ allows you to simulcast your webinar broadcast to Facebook Live and YouTube Live at the same time.

Reach a bigger audience quicker and with a more professional look.

There is no need to learn how to use Facebook Live or YouTube Live. The EasyCast™ feature in EasyWebinar connects you to these services with one click of a button. Simulcasting your webinar broadcast just couldn’t be easier.

You can broadcast to EasyWebinar attendees, Facebook Live viewers, YouTube Live subscribers or all 3 at once.



EasyCast™ is now active in all Pro and Enterprise accounts. This takes your marketing opportunities to a new level.  Everything that can be done inside EasyWebinar such as screen share, presentation share, external cameras and microphones etc. are now available to use on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Custom Fields

Next on the big lineup for early released features of 2019 is custom fields for registration.

Gone are the days of only getting name and email from your registrants.

With our custom fields feature you can ask any number of questions and forward those answers to your own CRM for further segmentation as you need it.

We have 3 types of custom field boxes.

  • Text
  • Number
  • Multiple Choice

Ask as many or as few data questions as you want from your webinar registrants.

As a use case for this ConvertKit, and EasyWebinar user uses this feature to ask participants how many email contacts they currently have.


How will you be using this new feature?

Tell your CRM where you want the information to go.


System Upgrades

Internet stability indicator:  Presenters and views both get an internet speed slow indicator. “Internet is unstable”.  This will be helpful in allowing your participants to see that their system is strong enough to receive a live stream flow.

HLS Streaming Servers: When our system indicates that a viewers internet is not capable of receiving a strong audio and video signal it changes them over to a server that sends a lower resolution signal. This is great when everyone is on the same server, but with different computers and internet speeds.

HLS is a delayed system so those participants who need this signal will be delayed by a few seconds.

Adding the HLS streaming to our services will stop the buffering of video and audio from slower internet participants.

System Server Optimizations – A live webinar is a complex beast. There is the original video and audio signal of the presenter, Any additional video and audio signals from co-presenters, the chat file, participant responses and tagging back to CRM.  That’s a lot of data flowing back and forth during even one live webinar.

We split these actions into their own distinct server activity so things will move much smoother. Previous to this change all of that data flowed through one server.

Breaking up these data points enabled us to provide you with a much smoother experience during your live webinars.


And all of this was only in the first couple of weeks of the year. Imagine what can be done in the future.

Got a feature idea? Let us know and you might just see it in the next update of EasyWebinar.

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