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“Webinars/Online Events are the most effective way of building a relationship with your audience which in turn closes sale and creates a business you love!”  Casey Zeman


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What Can You Create With EasyWebinar?

Now you can create a complete All-In-One Webinar (lead generation) system for your business straight from your own WordPress site.  Webinars/Online Events can't be beat for teaching and selling to a community. We know this and chances are you know this.  EasyWebinar will give you the ability to create high converting webinar/event funnels using our customized templates and integrations.  From live events that integrate with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live (private events) to pre-recorded amazon videos that stream in real time.  EasyWebinar does it all.


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Unique Social Share Incentive

Get more viral traffic swarming into your events with our advanced Social Share Incentive feature.  You see, one of the pages that is generated with EasyWebinar is the thank you page.  On the thank you page you have the opportunity to bring in more viral leads through unlocking a free gift as a reward for someone sharing.  Our stats have shown that more then 50% of registrants share news of the event!


Scarcity Tactic

Want to sell on your events better then ever before? Our scarcity feature is a unique delayed event that can send out bonuses and units over a certain period of time which helps you to add a level of urgency in your offers that you present to your viewers.

All NEW - Page Designer & Builder

Easily design event pages in our custom page editor to match your brand. Choose Colors, Customize Text, and even Upload Images to make every event page your own. With more options than ever before, you can now customize EasyWebinar's event pages to match your online brand.

Pre-designed layouts give your presentation a professional appearance. Every layout can be easily customized. Make your edits and save your custom design to see a real time preview of your event pages.

Webinar Widget

Want to add a registration box on any site?  We rolled in a new customized REGISTRATION BOX/THANK YOU PAGE BOX that can be placed anywhere on your own web pages, Facebook, Sidebar, etc.  (This way you are not held to our own registration page and thank you page templates.  Of course our webinar thank you pages have our social share feature which can increase registration by I always suggest using ours ;)

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"Casey Zeman is a ROCKSTAR! More importantly EasyWebinar Plugin is THE software to use if you are using Hangouts as a webinar replacement! Seriously, no brainer!"

Brandee Sweesey

"I've found that EasyWebinar incorporates ease of use and great support for my Google+ producing business. My clients and I use Easy Webinar to manage all of our Google+ Hangouts on Air (HOA)!"

Kim Beasley

"After being one of the original customers of EasyWebinar, I'm finally using it...I love this software! Very easy to use. Thanks Casey!"

Sonya Ramsey

"Definitely. Very excited about this software. I attended about 20min of Your "live" webinar just now and am super impressed with the whole experience. You are definitely poised to disrupt EBS and Stealth. Cheers"

Sean Tierney

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