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FAQ: Can EWP Store the Attendees Data and How Can I Do Paid Webinars?

Chris also asks:

“In terms of attendees and registrants, how are these people saved for future use? That is, are they saved in the WordPress backend? Only sent to an email list? Is there a way that we can instantly see a list of all webinars that a specific registrant has attended? Can we see which ones these individuals registered for but maybe didn’t attend? Other information available about registrants and attendees?”




You can also learn how to embed a Paypal button on a site and where to place the Registration URL into Paypal after someone purchases.

Please note: This video below about Paypal I did a few years ago however the info is still the same. This video will automatically go to the 2nd video in the series. So there are 2 videos here about Paypal…

I do have a few more but this is really all you need to know as to how to add the Webinar registration url into the thank you page url redirect area once someone purchases.

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