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What Will A 20% Increase In Conversion Do For Your Business?

Imagine your webinar is actually you speaking at a live public event.

Now imagine standing at the doorway of your webinar and telling every other person they had to get in a different line and go through extra steps that people in the first line did not have to go through.

Also, imagine telling every 5th person entering to hear you speak that they were not allowed in…. at all.

This is the way most webinar platform services work. Why? Because programming for Safari and mobile devices can be a beast.

Most webinar services don’t work with Safari browsers so there goes 20% of your viewing audience that can’t even get in the door. Remember I asked you to imagine telling every 5th person they were not allowed in?


Mobile programming to view webinars is also very difficult and many webinar platforms shy away from even attempting it or they make their attendees download a secondary app just to view the webinar. Remember I asked you to imagine telling every other person attending your webinar to enter a second line? Mobile users can account for up to half of your viewers or even more. Asking them to “jump in a second line and download an app first is like telling them they really are not welcome.

Our programmers at EasyWebinar have been working tirelessly to see that everyone gets in to see your webinar.

We used to be just like all of the other webinar platforms who limited attendees just because of the browser or device they were using. That is an issue of the past.

We have been programming additional development around the H.264 video codex (for all of you tech geeks out there) and it works wonders.

Safari browser users are able to see the webinar directly from the browser and mobile users no longer need to download the EasyWebinar iOS or Android app to view.

Once again I give accolades to our team of developers who just won’t take no for an answer to get this newest upgrade finished.

NOW… imagine increasing your registrants, watchers, and even conversions by 20% and more without doing anything at all to get better ROI. That is what this new update does. You don’t need to do anything in your app to get this newest upgrade. It is already live inside of your EasyWebinar app right now.

That’s right… 20% better webinar conversions just because our developers won’t stop making this the best webinar platform available.

Do you want even better news? We didn’t leave out presenters in this upgrade.

“I want to present from my mobile phone during my webinar”… is something we hear often in our support desk.

EasyWebinar H.264 update makes presenting from your mobile phone easy and seamless. Add yourself or another attendee in as a co-presenter on their mobile device and start presenting from the road… or the beach… or the top of the Eifel Tower… wherever your life might take you.

Here is a great use-case scenario for using phones to present during a webinar… Real Estate showings.

What if the webinar admin was in the main Real Estate office and all of the co-presenters were in different homes with their phones ready to give a home tour of each different property. YES, I’m talking about starting your own Saturday morning broadcast to prospective buyers without them having to come to each home individually. Announce your next speaker and away they go with their mobile phones giving a walking tour of the home.

An on-location home show webinar is just one strategy. What brilliant ideas can you come up to use mobile co-presenters in your business?

Speaking of presenters we didn’t forget to add the ability to present from a desktop with Safari. You, as admin, or any of your co-presenters can easily present from your Safari browser as well.

The future is certainly a wonderful place to see especially with the great team of developers we have working for us at EasyWebinar.

EasyWebinar doesn’t follow the pack. We lead the way.

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