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Nothing Should Stop the Progress of Learning

  • Make it easy for your students to join you online.
  • Anywhere, anytime.
  • Live or On-Demand.
  • No downloads needed.
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Committed To Our Communities

We are in what feels to be an unprecedented time. The resilience of humankind is showing forth in the greatest way possible. Our communities are coming together. We are uniting to solve problems. We are adapting.

EasyWebinar is committed to helping our communities.

In the spirit of collaboration, we are offering a special plan for k-12 schools and universities. We feel nothing should stop the progress of learning and the advancement of our future generations.

From now until June 30th we are offering a Special plan for $24.99/mo + $9 each additional user for live events only. Our team is standing by to help with any questions you may have.

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Go Live Or On-Demand

Run your event live to a classroom or get ahead of the learning curve with on-demand events. Record your teaching at your convenience then flip the switch to automated. Automated events playback a recording to the attendee as if it were a live event.



Virtual Attendance

See which students registered for your class and how long they watched. You can share pop up clickable actions such as PDF downloads and links to resources or websites.



No Downloads Needed

There’s nothing to download. Click Go and run your event. All events run in the web browser, even mobile devices.

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